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Please keep an eye on this page as we will be updating with any new information for parents and carers. There are links to the Government guidance for parents and carers and also examples of the posters that will be displayed around school. Please discuss these rules with your children prior to them being at school. 

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Updated Remote Education Plan January 2021 & FAQs

Remote Education Plan - Please see our Virtual School for additional information

Updated Risk Assessment Version 8(b) February 2021 (Re-opening 8th March)

Updated Risk Assessment Version 7(b) January 2021

September Opening FAQ for Parents

Additional FAQ

Unanswered questions for Full Opening

If you have any questions that we have not included in our FAQ document, please submit them via this link and we will continue to add to our FAQ document for you.

Returning to Primary School: What Parents Need to know HM Government

Track and Trace 

Responding to the Coronavirus advice from the Government is an obligation on all schools in England. The development of the NHS ‘Track and Trace’ scheme is a key part of the government plan to manage Coronavirus.


As more pupils are returning to our schools, the safety and wellbeing of pupils, staff and their families is a priority. Planning to manage a safe return is in place, however our responsibility extends beyond the school gates.


We hold a lot of data, and it may be necessary for us to share that data on request from NHS Track and Trace workers. We will do this and will play our part in making this process as effective as possible.


It is likely that we will be asked to provide contact details if a case of Coronavirus or a suspected case arises in our school. There is an obligation to support the government planning. During the Covid19 pandemic schools may be required to share information of individuals under the Track and Trace scheme.


Personal data of employees, parents or visitors to school may be shared with NHS/Public Health Agencies where relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. Track and Trace has a privacy notice which can be found here.


We will do our best to inform you if we have been asked by Track and Trace to share your details so that you are aware. This information sits alongside our normal privacy notice which can be found on the School Information page. 


Parent Letter - Wider Opening from 1st June

Please use these handwashing techniques at home to help children when they are in school.