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Year 1 Curriculum

Maths Mastery Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum

At Sharley Park, we are fully committed to providing a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum to all children. Through our curriculum, we aim to encourage and develop inquisitive thinkers and learners who are engaged in the curriculum via exciting and stimulating opportunities.


Our curriculum is thematic and allows the children to explore different subject areas via exciting topic themes.  The themes are relevant and stimulating and allow the children to pursue their own ideas, make progress through the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensure the children develop a broad set of transferable skills.

Our curriculum is motivating, engaging and taught through a theme with a strong emphasis on developing Literacy.  Visits and visitors are used to help deliver the curriculum in an exciting and stimulating way.  Where areas of learning do not fit into our themes we teach them as high-quality stand-alone units.


All our topics and themes draw their skills, knowledge and understanding from the national curriculum. 

Year 1 Long Term Plan 2019-20