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Sharley Park Community Primary School
Curriculum Statement 2018/19

The school's curriculum is guided by the 2014 National Curriculum. It is delivered to meet the school's aims and to stimulate children’s independent learning. In EYFS and  KS1 the Cornerstones curriculum is used. KS2 uses a topic based approach. If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.


We are constantly reviewing our provision of the National Curriculum to meet the new Statutory Requirements. Curriculum planning maps in all year groups ensure that the subjects’ Programmes of Study are covered.  

This school is a thriving two form entry primary school, with two classes in every year group.  Being located in a deprived ex-mining village, we take every opportunity to broaden our children's experiences, so that they can place their curriculum learning into real life situations.  It is important for our children to have visits and visitors to extend their learning far beyond the classroom and to communicate using a rich and varied vocabulary.


A high profile is given to self-assessment, marking and feedback, which informs the children how to improve their curriculum learning.


Teaching and Learning Policy

Helping your child with maths at home.

The booklet has been created to help you to support your child at home with developing their maths skills through fun and enjoyable activities.
Maths at home could include:
 *Listening to and singing maths songs
 *Playing games
 *Using familiar objects to count, calculate and play. This might include using coins, dice and cards.
and lots more too!

Helping your child with maths at home.