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Welcome to Year 2!

We're so pleased you're here!

Miss Stoddart is the chief Elephant. Miss Green is the chief Bumble Bee.

Miss Stoddart is the chief Elephant. Miss Green is the chief Bumble Bee. 1
Miss Stoddart is the chief Elephant. Miss Green is the chief Bumble Bee. 2

Great Fire of London

In History, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We took part in a workshop by Partake History. We got dressed up and then acted the story out as a class.

Autumn Newsletter 2019

Across school we encourage reading at home as much as possible. Reading unlocks the key to a vast amount of other skills. We expect reading to take place at least 4 times per week at home, if not more. Reading with your child will promote a love and joy for reading and helps with speaking and listening skills, applying phonic knowledge, fluency and expression of reading and writing. Reading for just 5 minutes per night can vastly increase your child's vocabulary and understanding, as well as being a fabulous way of sharing some quality time together. Our Year 2 SATs take place in May and children will have 2 reading test papers to complete entirely independently, the more opportunities children have to practise their reading skills, the better they will become - practise makes perfect! We listen to children daily in school in a variety of ways; they are heard read their home reading book, have guided reading sessions in small groups and take part in partner reading during phonics. Children also complete written comprehensions and book reviews to assess their understanding of a text. We also have fun reading challenges each Friday for children to take part in. Each week we count how many times children have read at home and any children reading 4 or more times get a chance to earn a prize. Help us unlock the key to learning by reading!

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Maths is so important in our every day lives, from reading the time, going to the shop or measuring out ingredients for a cake! It is really important that our children see how the maths work we do in school are skills that they will use for life. Application of skills and knowledge learned is the best way to secure a child's thinking and really make it stick. Whenever you have the opportunity to add a little maths into the day - go for it!

It is also really important that children have quick recall of some simple number facts like doubling and halving numbers to 10, number bonds to 10 and 20 and the 2, 5 and 10 times table. We have a times table challenge board in our classroom where children can ask us to challenge them on these quick recall facts, you can help your child at home by asking them some of these whenever you have a spare few minutes. Our SATs tests take place in May and children will have 2 maths tests; one will be arithmetic which is full of these quick recall questions and the other is a reasoning paper which will deal with real life problems involving calculation, number, money, time and measures. We teach maths lessons daily but also try to include as much maths learning throughout the day and during other lessons as possible.

Class Dojo

This year we are using Class Dojo as our main form of communication to let you know about what has been happening in school and particularly in the classroom, as well as continuing to use this as a way of feeding back on your child's behaviour with both positive and negative dojos. 

If you are still not connected to the App, please let your child's class teacher know and we will get the login details for you again.

Watch out on the Class Story as messages and photos appear.


Image result for diversityIn Year 2, we enjoy many discussions about our learning, our hobbies, our talents and achievements. We start off our year by looking at what makes us special. Throughout the year we celebrate our similarities and differences daily and understand that life is exciting because we all have different stories to tell. We are a team, we support and encourage each other and learn how to resolve disagreements in a respectful and kind way. We acknowledge that it is OK to have a different idea to someone else but that we should always try to listen and respect others opinions as this will help us to grow and learn. We encourage children to learn about who they are and who they want to be, as well as creating a strong sense of self, becoming more independent and taking responsibility for their own actions and choices.  We teach children to start making decisions, to show initiative and to try to solve simple problems for themselves but ensure that they always know that they are supported by the adults around them.