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Year One is an exciting year as we start our journey into Key Stage One and work on the National Curriculum.   We learn through a variety of short, focused sessions as well as having opportunities to do lots of hands-on-learning through our inspiring and creative curriculum. We also learn better when this is supported at home and we will be sharing more about how you can help us with this through ClassDojo and our termly newsletters.


There are lots to do this year as we start on our Inquiry Led Learning topics, some of which are;  Memory Box, Bright Lights - Big City, The Enchanted Woodland, Dinosaur Planet, Splendid Skies!  and Paws, Claws and Whiskers. We hope that you all enjoy keeping up with all the events and news from our year together.   

Year 1 Long Term Curriculum Map

Autumn Term One  - Inquiry Led Learning



As historians, we will be learning about…

This term our topic is Memory box. As part of this topic, we will talk about our lives and how they have changed, focussing on the past and present. We will compare the old and new by exploring changes within the past and modern-day toys. We will think about our families and discuss the special memories we have through pictures and items. To end our topic we will be making a memory box to keep all of our special treasures safe.


Autumn Term Two  - Inquiry Led Learning


As geographical explorers, we will be learning about...

This term our topic is Bright Lights, Big City. This project will allow the children to find out all about London, including its history, transport and famous landmarks. Who knows, we might even have tea with the Queen!




Year 1 Phonics Screening Check