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Autumn Parent information - Koala Class

Dear Parents and Pupils,

Our first homework project is now set!

The children have been asked to research their class animal – Koala or Penguin, and present their findings in their chosen format, for example; paper leaflet, poster, fact file, models, PowerPoint presentation or even a video blog! This should be handed in on Monday 7th October. These extended projects are meant to be a joint effort (if at all possible) between the child and an adult at home and are not competitions!


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Thanks and enjoy!

Mrs Key and Miss Tinsley

Welcome to our year 3 page - we hope that you had all had a great summer!

Our class info letters are attached for you to read, but if you should have any further questions please do call in and see us. 

We are using Dojo again this term. The children can save their points up and spend them in the Dojo shop! Dojos can be earned for a variety of reasons, including 'Outstanding Learning', 'Resillient Reading' and 'Awesome Attendance'. However, we will also remove Dojos from children if they display unwanted behaviours, such as 'Being Rude', 'Hurting Others' or 'Being Off Task'.

Key Skills Leaflet for Year 3.

Welcome to the Year 3 class page!


Year 3 is taught by Mrs Key (Kangaroos) and Miss Tinsley (Penguins).

Please see our newsletters for useful information.


We are looking forward to a fantastic year!